Specialized Services
Specialized Services

As clients’ needs have evolved, we have grown into a full-service wealth management firm. REDW Stanley offers a range of services that go well beyond those of conventional wealth management firms. Each of the following services shows our commitment to being your valued financial advisor.

Planning, Mediation and Collaboration
When couples decide to separate or end their marriage, we can assist the legal process by providing their lawyers and other family support professionals with sound strategies for dealing with income, assets and debts, and spousal and child support.

Fiduciary Reviews, Audits and Consulting
Serving as financial advisors and investment managers, we provide fiduciary education and compliance services to ERISA plan administrators, tribal entities and nonprofit organizations, helping them to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.
Financial Education
Research proves the financial stability of your employees has a direct, positive impact on productivity. That’s why REDW Stanley offers a variety of educational forums to help improve your employees’ understanding of their financial lives. From hands-on, practical workshops to one-on-one sessions, or even simple brown-bag lunch meetings, these forums cover such topics as retirement, insurance, investments, college, marriage, divorce and a variety of other subjects, depending on your needs. We can also design discounted financial planning services specific to your workforce.

Expert Witness
Our financial experts frequently provide expert testimony in such areas as securities litigation, FINRA arbitration, financial planning, investment performance and allocation.

Structured Settlements
We consult with counsel to achieve tax-advantaged settlements, minimizing tax consequences and maximizing cash flow for the plaintiff(s) by utilizing proper annuity selection planning and compliance documentation.

Stock Option Cash Flow Planning
Many executives and employees have significant resources in stock options, appreciation rights and discount purchase plans. Our advisors develop individual strategies that will help you achieve higher after-tax wealth while reducing overall risk.

All mentions of REDW Stanley refer interchangeably to REDW Stanley offices in Arizona and New Mexico. In Arizona, REDW Stanley operates as REDW Stanley Wealth Advisors, LLC, an SEC-registered affiliate of REDWLLC. In New Mexico, REDW Stanley operates as REDW Stanley Financial Advisors, LLC, an SEC-registered firm subsidiary of REDWLLC.