Investment Management & Consulting
Investment Management & Consulting

You weathered the recession, and now you’re looking to maintain investment returns while controlling risks. Choosing the right financial partner to manage your portfolio is the first step in helping you preserve and increase your wealth.

REDW Stanley wealth advisors learn about your priorities – for example, we know that while you may want to pay for college education and secure a comfortable retirement for yourself, leaving a wealth legacy for loved ones is also important to you.

What sets us apart? First, we are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, meaning the only revenue received is that from the client. We do not earn or accept any commissions, rebates, 12(b)-1 fees (unless rebated back to the plan), referral fees, or other remuneration direct or indirect based upon our recommendations. We accept no product provider incentives. You can be confident our recommendations are based entirely on your needs and that we will advise you with only your success in mind. We strictly observe fiduciary standards regarding how we manage the investment process, select the investments on your behalf, monitor their progress and control your investment costs.

REDW Stanley uses proprietary selection tools to analyze your current investments and identify those investment vehicles best suited to help you meet your objectives. Our long-term approach considers your risk tolerance, cash-flow needs, tax situation and wealth aspirations.

Our primary services – but by no means, all of them – include:
  • Investment Analysis
  • Risk Profile Analysis
  • Strategic and Tactical Allocation
  • Portfolio Comparisons and Restructuring
  • Asset Analysis and Selections
  • Cost and Fee Analysis
  • Concentrated Stock Positions
  • Minimizing Effective Tax Rates on Investments
  • Risk and Return Analysis
  • Investment Policy Statement Creation or Review
  • Portfolio Performance Analysis and Monitoring
  • Investment/RFP Consulting Services

REDW Stanley’s skilled team of wealth advisors has decades of experience with turning complex situations into sound financial plans. We believe that building and managing our clients’ wealth starts with a customized strategy that maximizes their profits and peace of mind.